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Ready-To-Use Bone Cement



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INNOTERE Paste-CPC is designed to fill non-infected bone defects after trauma, reconstruction or corrective intervention, in both human and veterinary scenarios. It is the world’s first injectable calcium phosphate based bone cement paste that is provided ready-to-use. The need for an elaborate and time consuming intraoperative preparation, as necessary when using conventional bone cements, is superseded by a novel, patent-protected technology. INNOTERE Paste-CPC is supplied ready to use and can be applied directly from the syringe into the bone defect. INNOTERE Paste-CPC sets only after coming in contact with aqueous liquids and not in the syringe. Thus, the surgeon is under no time restriction during application. INNOTERE Paste-CPC is available for clinical applications in the EU since the beginning of 2015. (previously distributed under the trade name VELOX)

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Featured Publications

  • Mesoporous Bioactive Glass-Incorporated Injectable Strontium-Containing Calcium Phosphate Cement Enhanced Osteoconductivity in a Critical-Sized Metaphyseal Defect in Osteoporotic Rats. Ray S, Thormann U, Kramer I, Sommer U, Budak M, Schumacher M, Bernhardt A, Lode A, Kern C, Rohnke M, Heiss C, Lips KS, Gelinsky M, Alt V. Bioengineering 2023

  • Experimental magnesium phosphate cement paste increases torque of trochanteric fixation nail advanced™ blades in human femoral heads. Hoelscher-Doht S, Heilig M, von Hertzberg-Boelch SP, Jordan MC, Gbureck U, Meffert RH, Heilig P. Clinical Biomechanics 2023

  • Allogenic Cancellous Bone versus Injectable Bone Substitute for Endoscopic Treatment of Simple Bone Cyst and Intraosseous Lipoma of the Calcaneus and Is Intraosseous Lipoma a Developmental Stage of a Simple Bone Cyst? Toepfer A, Strässle M, Lenze U, Lenze F, Harrasser N. Journal of Clinical Medicine 2023

  • Development of a new critical size defect model in the paranasal sinus and first approach for defect reconstruction - An in vivo maxillary bone defect study in sheep. Rothweiler R, Kuhn S, Stark T, Heinemann S, Hoess A, Fuessinger MA, Brandenburg LS, Roelz R, Metzger MC, Hubbe U. Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Medicine 2022

  • A fully ingrowing implant for cranial reconstruction: Results in critical size defects in sheep using 3D-printed titanium scaffold. Hubbe U, Beiser S, Kuhn S, Stark T, Hoess A, Schmitz HC, Vasilikos I, Metzger MC, Rothweiler R. Biomaterials Advances 2022

  • Confirmation of Calcium Phosphate Cement Biodegradation after Jawbone Augmentation around Dental Implants Using Three-Dimensional Visualization and Segmentation Software. Alkhasawnah Q, Elmas S, Sohrabi K, Attia S, Heinemann S, El Khassawna T, Heiss C. Materials 2021

  • Primary stability of cement augmentation in locking plate fixation for proximal humeral fractures: A comparison of absorbable versus non-absorbable cement. Schöbel T, Schleifenbaum S, Nitsch V, Hepp P, Theopold J. Clinical Biomechanics 2021

  • Performance of Calcium Phosphate Cements in the Augmentation of Sheep Vertebrae—An Ex Vivo Study. Kinne RW, Gunnella F, Kunisch E, Heinemann S, Nies B, Maenz S, Horbert V, Illerhaus B, Huber R, Firkowska-Boden I, Bossert J, Jandt KD, Sachse A, Bungartz M, Brinkmann O. Materials 2021

  • Implant Augmentation for Trochanteric Fractures with an Innovative, Ready to Use Calcium-Phosphate-Cement. Fuchs A, Langenmair E, Hirschmueller A, Suedkamp NP, Konstantinidis L. Journal of Orthopaedics and Bone Research 2019

  • Incorporation of silicon into strontium modified calcium phosphate bone cements promotes osteoclastogenesis of human peripheral mononuclear blood cells. Wagner AS, Schumacher M, Rohnke M, Glenske K, Gelinsky M, Arnhold S, Mazurek S, Wenisch S. Biomedical Materials 2019

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  • Effects of a Pasty Bone Cement Containing Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor-Functionalized Mesoporous Bioactive Glass Particles on Metaphyseal Healing in a New Murine Osteoporotic Fracture Model. Kauschke V, Schneider M, Jauch A, Schumacher M, Kampschulte M, Rohnke M , Henss A, Bamberg C, Trinkaus K, Gelinsky M, Heiss C, Lips KS. International Journal of Molecular Science 2018

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  • Properties of Injectable Ready-to-Use Calcium Phosphate Cement Based on Water-Immiscible Liquid. Heinemann S, Rössler S, Lemm M, Ruhnow M, Nies B. Acta Biomater 2013 

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