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INNOTERE Paste-CPC is designed to fill non-infected bone defects after a trauma, a reconstruction or a corrective intervention. It is the world’s first injectable calcium phosphate based bone cement paste that is provided as a ready-to-use implant material. The need for an elaborate and time consuming intraoperative preparation, mixing, and transfer of a bone substitute cement is superseded by a novel, patent-protected technology. INNOTERE Paste-CPC is supplied ready to use and can be applied directly from the syringe, or alternatively by using the cannula, into the bone. As INNOTERE Paste-CPC sets only after coming in contact with aqueous liquid and not in the syringe, the surgeon is under no time restriction during application. INNOTERE Paste-CPC is available for clinical applications in the EU since the beginning of 2015. (previously distributed under the trade name VELOX)

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Article Number: 211IP1  — INNOTERE Paste-CPC 1ml, sterile
Article Number: 211IP2  — INNOTERE Paste-CPC 0,5ml, sterile
Article Number: 231IP1  — INNOTERE Paste-CPC 3x 1ml, sterile

Article Number: 111VX2 — INNOTERE Paste-CPC 3ml, sterile

Article Number: 311IP1  — INNOTERE Paste-CPC 12ml, sterile
Article Number: 311IP2  — INNOTERE Paste-CPC 6ml, sterile

Article Number: 210IPD  — INNOTERE Paste-CPC 1ml, non-sterile (DEMO)

Article Number: 110VXD — INNOTERE Paste-CPC 3ml, non-sterile (DEMO)

Article Number: 310IPD  — INNOTERE Paste-CPC 6ml, non-sterile (DEMO)

Featured Publications

  • Implant Augmentation for Trochanteric Fractures with an Innovative, Ready to Use Calcium-Phosphate-Cement. Fuchs A, Langenmair E, Hirschmueller A, Suedkamp NP, Konstantinidis L Journal of Orthopaedics and Bone Research 2019

  • Incorporation of silicon into strontium modified calcium phosphate bone cements promotes osteoclastogenesis of human peripheral mononuclear blood cells. Wagner AS, Schumacher M, Rohnke M, Glenske K, Gelinsky M, Arnhold S, Mazurek S, Wenisch S Biomedical Materials 2019

  • Strontium-modified premixed calcium phosphate cements for the therapy of osteoporotic bone defects. Lode A, Heiss C, Knapp G, Thomas J, Nies B, Gelinsky M, Schumacher M  Acta Biomaterialia 2018

  • Ready-to-use injectable calcium phosphate bone cement paste as drug carrier. Vorndran E, Geffers M, Ewald A, Lemm M, Nies B, Gbureck U Acta Biomater 2013

  • Properties of injectable ready-to-use calcium phosphate cement based on water-immiscible liquid. Heinemann S, Rössler S, Lemm M, Ruhnow M, Nies B Acta Biomater 2013 

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