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INNOTERE custom-made device



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INNOTERE offers comprehensive services for the manufacturing of patient-specific, apatitic implants to reconstruct or support individual bone defects. Based on the patient’s computed tomography data INNOTERE designs implants according to the requirements of the surgeon and anatomical needs of the defect site. 3D-printing of INNOTERE's innovative calcium phosphate bone cement paste and low temperature processing enables manufacturing of personalized scaffolds with a high degree of customization and precision. Key properties of the scaffolds like macroporosity, filling structure, anisotropic properties or additional features like holes or notches can be easily adjusted to the customer needs. The main crystal phase of the resulting scaffolds is bone-like, nanocrystalline hydroxyapatite, which is bioresorbable in the course of the natural bone remodeling process.


Perfect combination of software, hardware and biomaterial makes the process suitable for
cranio-maxillofacial, orthopaedic, dental and spinal applications.

Featured case study


Based on the patient’s computed tomography data, irregular shaped macroporous implants for left and right side sinus lift were designed in close collaboration with the oral surgeons.

Follow-up examination after 9 months confirmed significant new bone formation in the defect regions and perfect osseointegration of the
scaffolds. Thus, an excellent starting position for the placement of the dental implants was achieved.

Featured Publications

  • Three-Dimensional Plotted Calcium Phosphate Scaffolds for Bone Defect Augmentation - A New Method for Regeneration. Schulz MC, Holtzhausen S, Nies B, Heinemann S, Muallah D, Kroschwald L, Paetzold-Byhain K, Lauer G, Sembdner P. Journal of Personalized Medicine 2023

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