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Based on its innovative cement technology, INNOTERE offers calcium phosphate cement paste for 3D extrusion printing of compact or porous scaffolds with high dimensional accuracy. The final material consists of synthetic calcium phosphates, mainly alpha-tricalcium phosphate and microcrystalline, calcium deficient hydroxyapatite, which makes the scaffolds ideal substrates for cell culture in the field of bone regeneration.

INNOTERE provides services for cement composition modification, including additives, creation of design files, and finally support for medical device related applications.

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Article Number: 120PL1 — Plotter-Paste-CPC, 5ml

Article Number: 220PL1 — Plotter-Paste-CPC, 10ml

Article Number: 320PL1 — Plotter-Paste-CPC, 20ml


Filled in Nordson EFD Optimum cartridges with Luer connector. Other cartridges or syringes on request.

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