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INNOTERE 3D Scaffold is a synthetic, porous, biocompatible and bioresorbable bone substitute material for filling or reconstructing non-load-bearing bone defects or for filling bone defects, which are sufficiently stabilized by appropriate means. Compared to conventional pre-formed bone substitutes, INNOTERE 3D Scaffold is characterized by:

  • interconnecting porosity

  • bone-like mineral phases using full-synthetic raw materials

  • resorbable by bone remodeling processes


The innovative features of INNOTERE 3D Scaffold result from a new 3D-printing technique using INNOTERE's innovative calcium phosphate bone cement paste. The process allows to precisely adjust the porosity of the interconnecting pore system of the resulting scaffolds. The used calcium phosphate paste is cured after the printing process by a specific setting procedure without any sintering steps. This avoids crystal growth and leads to scaffolds mainly consisting of microcrystalline hydroxyapatite, the mineral phase of natural bone.

The particular application areas of INNOTERE 3D Scaffold are:

  • metaphyseal defect fractures, e.g. fractures of the tibia, radius and humerus

  • bone defects following resection of benign tumors and cysts

  • bone defects in oral and maxillofacial surgery

  • filling of spinal cages

Order Details


Article Number: 121TS1 — Bone substitute block 10x10x5mm

Article Number: 121TS2 — Bone substitute block 10x5x5mm

Article Number: 221TS1 — Bone substitute block 20x10x10mm

(also available as double, triple, quadruple, and DEMO package)

Article Number: 321TS1 — Bone substitute cylinder Ø 20x15mm

Article Number: 521TS2 — Bone substitute cylinder Ø 10x10mm

Article Number: 521TS3 — Bone substitute cylinder Ø 12x10mm

Article Number: 521TS4 — Bone substitute cylinder Ø 14x10mm

Article Number: 521TS5 — Bone substitute cylinder Ø 16x10mm

Article Number: 521TS6 — Bone substitute cylinder Ø 18x10mm

Article Number: 521TS7 — Bone substitute cylinder Ø 20x10mm

Article Number: 521TS8 — Bone substitute cylinder Ø 22x10mm

(also available as double and DEMO package)


Article Number: 721TS1 — Bone substitute wedge   7x3x30x12mm

Article Number: 721TS2 — Bone substitute wedge 10x3x30x12mm

Article Number: 721TS3 — Bone substitute wedge 12x3x35x15mm

Article Number: 721TS4 — Bone substitute wedge 15x3x35x15mm

(also available as DEMO package)





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