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Biomaterials & 3D Printing

Highly qualified personnel and excellent laboratory equipment provide a solid basis for INNOTERE's R&D activities, including several research projects with industrial and academic partners for the development of innovative orthobiological products. Furthermore, INNOTERE is an established supplier to the biomaterials research community with topics and services mainly targeted at the development and application of calcium phosphate based bone substitutes.

Current materials science related projects are focused on the development of composites by combination of INNOTERE's core technology products with organic or inorganic biomaterials as well as technology optimization for the synthesis of powders, pastes as well as solid, granular, or shaped orthobiologics with predefined properties. Long-lasting research experience, high flexibility and reproducibility of our technology platforms allows us to support your projects from the first idea to the final application.

For further information please visit the following sites or contact us: research[at]


Alpha-Tricalcium Phosphate






Cell Culture Scaffolds

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