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Cell Culture Scaffolds



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Based on its innovative cement paste technology, INNOTERE produces scaffolds with high dimensional accuracy and defined composition. The scaffolds consist of synthetic calcium phosphates, mainly alpha-tricalcium phosphate and nanocrystalline, calcium deficient hydroxyapatite. Our scaffolds provide interconnected porosity (3D version), high bioactivity, easy handling and high mechanical stability making them ideal substrates for cell cultures in the field of bone regeneration.

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Cell Culture scaffolds are provided gamma-sterilized in pre-filled well plates and can be used as received. The following standard scaffold sizes for 2D and 3D cultures are available:



3D-Scaffolds (90° or 45° strand pattern)


Scaffolds have strand diameters of 330µm, strand gaps of 390µm and design porosities of 50% (respective values for 6-Well scaffolds on request).

Featured Publications

  • Application of the neuropeptide NPVF to enhance angiogenesis and osteogenesis in bone regeneration. Yu H, Wang Y, Gao J, Gao Y, Zhong C, Chen Y. Communications Biology 2023

  • Protocol for Cell Colonization and Comprehensive Monitoring of Osteogenic Differentiation in 3D Scaffolds Using Biochemical Assays and Multiphoton Imaging. Sommer KP, Krolinski A, Mirkhalaf M, Zreiqat H, Friedrich O, Vielreicher M. International Journal of Molecular Sciences 2023

  • 3D Printed Calcium Phosphate Cement (CPC) Scaffolds for Anti-Cancer Drug Delivery. Wu Y, Woodbine L, Carr AM, Pillai AR, Nokhodchi A, Maniruzzaman M. Pharmaceutics 2020

  • Effect of Bone Sialoprotein Coated Three-Dimensional Printed Calcium Phosphate Scaffolds on Primary Human Osteoblasts. Klein A, Baranowski A, Ritz U, Götz H, Heinemann S, Mattyasovszky S, Rommens PM, Hofmann A. Journal Biomedical Materials Research Part B 2018

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