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INNOTERE Biomaterial
Innovation for Tissue Engineering and Regeneration

INNOTERE develops, manufactures and markets innovative bone replacement materials as well as orthobiologics mainly based on calcium phosphates for the treatment of bone defects and improved implant fixation in osteoporotic bone.

Due to close cooperation with biomaterial scientists and clinicians INNOTEREs product solutions match clinical and market requirements of human and veterinary orthopedics, while considering easy applicability and compatibility with the techniques of minimal invasive surgery.


Based on its strong R&D background INNOTERE is also involved in different translational research projects related to resorbable biomimetic composites, 3D printing of mineral scaffolds, patient specific implants, highly bioactive modifications of cellular metal materials and bioactive poly(methyl methacrylate) cements, all addressing different unmet needs in orthopedic surgery.


Medical Devices

A significant improvement in patients’ quality of life is the objective of our developments and motivation of our work.

Biomaterials & 3D Printing

INNOTERE is an established supplier to the biomaterials community with topics and services targeted at the development and application of bone substitute materials mainly based on calcium phosphates.




Pharmapark Radebeul

Meissner Strasse 191
01445 Radebeul

Phone:  +49 351 2599 9410

Fax:       +49 351 2599 9429

​Mail: contact[at]

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