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Compared to conventional calcium phosphate cements (CPC), calcium magnesium phosphate cements (MgCPC) are characterized by high mechanical strength, degradation potential as well as bioactivity. Thus, they appear to be the suitable materials in medical indications with high loads and remodeling rates. In this context, our research is focused on the development of bone substitute materials based on MgCPC cements with the general composition CaxMg(3-x)(PO4)2 (0 ≤ x ≤ 3). The Mg/Ca-ratio of these cements is adjustable and allows to manipulate the cement properties, such as setting kinetics, mechanical strength and degradation properties, in a reproducible manner.

Based on the innovative cement material and INNOTERE’s paste technology we recently developed a ready-to-use MgCPC-paste, which significantly improves handling during application. The setting reaction of the paste starts only after contact or mixing with an aqueous phase. Complex mixing procedures, as necessary for conventional powder-liquid-cement-systems, become redundant. Furthermore, the cement pastes are ideal for 3D printing applications. 

The material developments are an extension of our calcium phosphate based product line (INNOTERE Paste-CPC, INNOTERE 3D Scaffold) utilizing the unique properties of magnesium calcium phosphate cements.

Featured Publications

  • Fabrication and cytocompatibility of spherical magnesium ammonium phosphate granules. Christel T, Geffers M, Klammert U, Nies B, Höß A, Groll J, Kübler AC, Gbureck U Mater Sci Eng C Mater Biol Appl 2014 

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