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Besides their application in the field of bone replacement, calcium and/or magnesium phosphates appear to be also useful for biotechnological applications. Biological compatibility, high chemical stability, especially in neutral and alkaline environment, and mechanical strength make them ideal support materials for the immobilization of enzymes, catalysts or even microorganisms. Once immobilized the biologically active component is protected from external influences like shear forces and chemicals as well as washout effects.

Currently we are involved in a research project aiming at the development of a material system for the effective removal of endocrine trace elements from wastewater. For this, 3D printed macroporous calcium phosphate scaffolds, based on INNOTERE's innovative paste technology, are used to immobilize biocatalytic enzymes. The resulting scaffolds can be used as cost-efficient filter systems with highly interconnected porosity allowing ideal perfusion and thus effective enzyme-substrate interactions.

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