InnoTERE Biomaterials
Innovation for Tissue Engineering and Regeneration

InnoTere Gebäude

Repair and regeneration of damaged bone tissue are of utmost importance in modern surgery. Due to progression of bone degeneration as a result of increased life expectancy and due to continued development of improved surgical techniques we will face a still increased demand and new requirements for bone implant materials. Especially in orthopaedics and trauma surgery but also in CMF, neurosurgery and oral surgery the need of suitable bone substitute materials with a high functionality and bone regeneration-supporting properties is steadily increasing. The predominant clinical use of transplanted autologous bone and processed allograft are burdened with frequent and severe side effects and inappropriate material quality. It is a challenge for innovative companies like InnoTERE to substitute those bone grafts by indication specific biomaterials with defined quality standards.Close cooperation with biomaterial scientists and clinicians will insure that our technology will match clinical and market requirements. We put special emphasis on easy applicability and compatibility with the techniques of minimal invasive surgery.

Our focus is on the development of innovative bone cements based on calcium phosphates and poly(methyl methacrylate) for treatment of bone defects and improved implant fixation in osteoporotic bone. Furthermore, we work on resorbable biomimetic composite materials for osteosynthesis and highly bioactive modifications of cellular metal materials, which enable new design opportunities for bone substitute materials in load bearing applications.

A significant gain for patients’ quality of life is the objective of our developments and motivation for our efforts.
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